Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Weird Days in November

There is a 'day' to celebrate everything and November is no exception.

For example, November is Peanut Butter Lovers Month while November 3rd is "Sandwich Day" so I guess that takes care of the lunch boxes on the third, but there are even weirder November celebrations. November 3rd, for example is also "Housewife's Day". Are there still housewives in North America? November 2nd is "Look for Circles Day" and "Deviled Egg Day" while the 5th is Gunpowder Day and the 8th is "Marooned Without a Compass Day".

It gets even weirder; November 9th is "Chaos Never Dies Day" while the 19th is "Have a Bad Day Day" and the day after that, the 20th is "Absurdity Day".

Some days I like: November 13th is "World Kindness Day", 17th is "World Peace Day" and the 18th is simply "Beautiful Day". Some days I don't like at all like "Clean Your Refrigerator Day" on the 15th.

The 23rd is "Eat a Cranberry Day" - just one? and also "National Cashew Day". Why not combine them to make "National Fruit Cake Day"?

Of course, November has its significant days too. American Thanksgiving on the 24th is followed by Black Friday or "Buy Nothing Day". The 25th is also "You're Welcome Day". Some day makers have a real sense of humor.

Guy Fawkes Day on the 5th and of course, Remembrance/Veterans' Day on the 11th are well known, but don't forget to get on Facebook on the 21st for "World Hello Day". Be careful; the 21st is also "False Confession Day", whatever that means. I guess it means 'don't write anything you don't want the world to read' (day) or you might end up celebrating "Dunce Day" on the 8th the following year.

Actually, I guess that error could be corrected without waiting a year - "Make Your Own Head Day" is the 28th. I have no idea what that means exactly but I think it means you can at least change your Facebook profile pic to someone you don't resemble. Enjoy November - it's more fun than you might think.

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