Thursday, May 03, 2012

How to Grow Apples from Seed

How To Grow Apples from Seed

(or what you plant is not what you reap)

by Tom Bond

May 3rd, 2012 - I know that apples grown from SEED will not guarantee they will produce or taste like the apple they came from and each tree becomes a 'hybrid', but I am so excited at all my recent apple growing projects. I had more than half a dozen various apple seedlings, but gave one to my grandson. This morning, I brushed the ice from my Gala Seedling (see pic).
Here's how I did it.

 1-Get Pen. Mark Sticks to remember in 6 months what you planted (IE: Gala, McIntosh)

2 - get ground friendly planting medium, I recommend a box of peat pellets (starters)
3 - After carefully removing apple seeds, using mixture of fresh seeds and dried ones to test both, put a seed in each spot. I have used Egg Cartons with potting soil in them, will break down as roots grow through.
4 - Put inside plastic baggie, mark date / description on tag inside. Place in Freezer for about 3 months (less sometimes works too)
5 -Take out, keep moist, place in sun to naturally thaw and sprout. 6-ensure you use something easy to remove them from as seedlings *hence peat pellets*, and transplant. I would give them a year or two start as a houseplant, to get the longer and early start on growing season. 

6 - Wait 5-7 years to see if it produces beautiful, delicious apples 

7 - Smile when you realize they taste nothing like the apples you took the seeds from.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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