Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Moser River Seaside Park - Traveller's Rest & Nature Park Takes Lots of Hard Work

 In late November, I had an opportunity to stop by "Moser River Seaside Park", about 1/2 way between Sheet Harbour and Sherbrooke on the Eastern Shore. As always, I was impressed with the care, hardwork and attention to detail given to the nature park by Moser River Community Association volunteers.

Thank you to all the hard working volunteers in Moser River who make the Seaside Park a wonderful place to visit.

The estuary park, once part of "Marine Drive Nature Tour" is a wonderful place to view seabirds, both native and migratory, and the odd seal or otter.Tourists and travellers along Highway #7 are often seen taking a break, resting on the gaily painted water-view benches, having a lunch at the picnic tables, paddling on the small beach and enjoying the play areas.

The park's historical signage is very well done and interesting but showing the effects of weather. There are plans to replace the existing signs with new ones in 2016. I particularly enjoy the huge billboard map of the whole river watershed, with its features all identified and labeled, from its source through all it's lakes and tributaries.
The Moser River watershed map is a huge bonus for hikers and campers, canoeists, kayakers and fishermen and anyone visiting the Bay of Islands/Necum Teuch Harbour area, and of course, the recreational lake areas of Kelly, Round, Bear and Kindervater Lakes along the Moser.

Several wilderness areas in the Moser River area backwoods are protected, including Alder Ground, Boggy Lake and Toadfish Lakes Wilderness, as well as the Eastern Shore Islands Wilderness Area, which protects hundreds of islands just offshore and was expanded upon in June of 2015.

Since the early 70's, t
he protected
area begins in the original Bay of Islands region of Necum Teuch and Ecum Secum Harbours and adjoins the newly established NS Nature Trust's "100 Island" Protection plan, which begins just west in Mushaboom.

New interpretive signage in 2016! Showing the signs of weather, the useful
Moser River watershed map will be replaced.
Looking out to sea, Moser River Seaside Park
nestles in a small protected cove/estuary just off Necum Teuch Harbour.

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