Thursday, November 17, 2011

Where There's Muck, There's Money - Farmland is New Gold

According to Reuter's, increasing numbers of investors are putting healthy chunks of their portfolios into soil, agriculture and arable farmland (Nov. 15, 2011). With 7 billion people now needing food on planet earth, these investors know that farmland is an excellent long-term investment.

Not only that, it has a finite supply, and with global warming, desertificaton and urban sprawl, land is getting scarcer all the time. Moreover, what sharp investors like George Soros know is that, with increasing food shortages imminent, their 'investment' can be rented out or tilled for food crops. And that, they say, is the new gold.

Note: While Soros and others are able to buy large tracts of arable farm land, they rarely do. More often, they buy shares in
exchange-traded funds (ETFs). ETF's make targeted investments in agriculture and related industries, and with a relatively small investment.
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